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Aug 21, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. he is getting more used to the major league level. you see the first four starts. now he is 2-0 below 1 e.r.a. he is starting to throw a lot more strikes down the zone and if you are getting 12 runs that helps. but you know jd martin is like a lot of the other pitchers. they have to continue to progress. when stephen gets here, they are fog toe same hate. looper on the other side, he has not done so great. o-2 a 736 in the last few starts 367890 homeruns allowed. most in the majors though. it could be ugly or a fight. looper. >> bob: looper was a reliever. he has been a parter a tough transition to make at any stage. he has done a great job. when he came out they went out and did a great job. set him up for the market. and milwaukee and one of their top five starters. he hads done a great job. winning games. 14-10 in looper's start. that's the ultimate thing how many wins they have and looper's start. >> bob: if you like offense this is your weekend. we mentioned 953 runs in milwaukee. they score 3-d 0 of those. dew point hit one a mile. nats had 41 hits in splitting with the brewers.
Aug 28, 2009 7:00pm EDT
earned run pitching, is he used his two- seam fastball very well. it led to two double plays in the ballgame and nine ground ball outs overall so i think he found a new weapon that he likes and it is a little bit different look for him as he has been trying to use a four- seam fastball up in the zone. now that two-seamer gives him something where he can consistently pitch down. >> the man he will be pitching to is certainly moving along. the major league experience necessary in order to grow in the game is showing up for matt wieters. >> it sure is. last week we saw this joe mower and matt last night going the opposite way. the one thing i like as a young hitter, he doesn't think about pulling the ball to hit him out of the ballpark. we have seen him hit opposite field home runs as a left- handed hitter and a right- handed hitter. mower is already an all-star two-time batting champ. this is where they are, 62 game swos their careers, where matt wieters is. pretty similar numbers and now we know that the home run power has really on for joe this season. >> matt will be in the
Aug 7, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. they have a tremendous turn- out. they're being introduced behind us. about winning, bringing the fans back, about reminding toronto about how they got to be a winning franchise. it the same kind of thing the orioles are trying to do. how do you win? how do you get back to that post-season. well, we thought we'd take a look at how some of the teams are on their way to the postseason this year. here are the numbers. this is what the orioles are striving to do. catch up with the division leaders. we're looking at starting pitching. the wins' column is about how many wins by starters there are for each of these teams. note how far above 27 the orioles' number, those numbers are. the e.r.a., the different shall in numbers may seem small. the orioles, 5.38 to catch up to some of these others, but that run and a half to two runs per game is all about the difference in binning or losing those ballgames. and the innings pitched by starters. the orioles are 5.1. you've got to get up to somewhere around that six-plus inning mark for your starters in order to be competitive with the team whose are win
Aug 14, 2009 7:00pm EDT
to factor in all those things he talked about. he has a fast ball, has a curve ball. used all those pitches. just do what-have-you done in the mino rrk leagues. the best hitters you have faced. if you make your pitches you have a good chance to win. expivment will want to take care of this guy coming to the plate this is shaun figgins. for him this season great overall. he creates and starts their offense. he has had a great year against the orioles. almost impossible to get out. 314, two home runs, 52 games and he is seven for 24 against the orer this season. shaun figgins will stand in and get up on your toe fz you are at first and third because he will lay down the bunt if given the chance. we are underway. >> everybody in was of his speed and of course talk about the 303 average. when he hits left handed it's 339. number one. >> figgins with a three game hit streak. 1-0 delivery. not opposed to drawing a walk. he will take 66 of them on the year. 77 describing outs for figgins. 2 and that -- tillman's first outing against the angels. though the hitters and tillman get a look at one an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4